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Lic. Martín Alonso Gómez Siles

Specialty: Criminal law, Civil law

Company: Bufete Muro Legal

Telephone: 8553-5267


Main location: Cantón central, Alajuela

Exact address: 110 meters east of the Bingo of the Red Cross.


Services in criminal law: filing of charges - Criminal Defense - Filing Complaints and Management - Filing and address of civil suit for damages - Resources Review - appeals - Extradition Process - habeas corpus. Civil law services: - Regular Process - Summary Proceedings - Consumer Protection - Judicial Collection (Monitoring process) - Breach of contract - Preparation of all types of contracts - Mortgages and Mortgage Process - Demarcation - Probate Process (Mortual) - Name Change - Appeals - Injunctions - Eviction Process - Enforcement of Judgment - Injunctions - Early Test - Pre-Trial Investigation for filing of Claims. - Location of defendants - real Studies - Registrar Studies - Civil Lawsuits for Possession of Property. Services in Family Law: - Marriages - Child Support - Divorce by Mutual Agreement - Litigious Divorces - Research Paternity - Paternity Challenge - Challenge Recognition - Settlement of marital property - Suspension and Termination of Parental Rights - Adoption - Changing Guard, parenting and Education - Judicial Separation - Annulment of marriage - Declaration of Abandonment - Civil Union Issues.

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