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Lic. Alvaro Collado Sanabria

Specialty: Criminal law, Agricultural law

Company: Collado & Mena Abogados

Telephone: 2253-0163 / 8317-9248


Main location: Montes de Oca, San José

Exact address: San Pedro, Montes de Oca, 50 meters north of the Más x menos of San Pedro, Soleste building.


Our Firm Collado & Mena is characterized by efficiency and personalized service to its customers, provided by its founding partners, having as a primary goal their satisfaction. In addition, our firm provides internships to international students. As a founding partner Mr. Collado Sanabria handles most criminal and agricultural affairs of the firm and some family proceedings. Since joining the Bar of Lawyers in Costa Rica he has litigated criminal matters in the variety of processes found within this branch. Also Lic. Collado Sanabria has extensive experience in the field of agriculture, which he has acquired working alongside former judge Dr. Ricardo Zeledón Zeledon in various processes. These and other areas of law are also addressed in our firm with the quality that sets us apart.

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