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Licda. Zamantha Cedeño Cedeño

Specialty: Notary

Company: Bufete Licda Zamantha Cedeño

Telephone: 8895-1257


Main location: Barva, Heredia

Exact address: 100 north and 125 east of the BCR of Barva.


Practical experience: -Drafting private contracts, such as lease options, mutual promise of sale, employment contracts, contracts for sales commissions from other contracts. -Organization, establishment and development of corporations and associations. Since the creation of the corporation, drafting of minutes of meetings of members, granting new powers, reform constitutional statutes, transfer of shares. Change board of associations, minutes of meetings, among others. -Production of public deeds and purchases, wills, constitution of usufruct, mortgages, donations, formation of corporations, segregations of estates, Notarize parts, etc. -Production of mortgage deeds, sales and housing bonds in the banking system. pre-credit grants and housing bonds -Processes Non-litigious notarial judicial activity as inheritance, divorce by mutual consent, etc. -Research Equity and legal status of individuals and private entities. -judicial collection. Notarial -Notifications. -Alimony, visitation, declaration of illegitimate son, among other family issues. -Traffic Processes -Civil judgment execution. -Registration of Trademarks. Sale and rental of Real Estate, both housing properties, commercial properties and properties in auction processes. Negotiation, repossessions and mortgage executive processes.

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